vector drawing apps

alternatives to Adobe Illustrator for various platforms

Illustrator - guides and cheat sheets

a few extra resources for learning how to do things in Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator - learning the program

get started learning Adobe Illustrator

general web design resources

Resources you can use to get started with web design.

Illustrator - brushes, strokes, and appearance

introduction to adjusting brushes and strokes in Adobe Illustrator. also how to manipulate the appearance of elements

Illustrator - cutting tools and pathfinder

a few ways to cut and chop content in Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator - drawing tools

a few tools to draw things in Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator - exporting, packaging, printing

a few ways to get your work out of Adobe Illustrator and into other formats

Illustrator - geometric shape tools

working with built-in geometric shapes in Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator - gradients

a few ways to build and manipulate gradients in Adobe Illustrator