# what i’m doing now _This is a **now page** as described by [Derek Sivers](https://nownownow.com/about). It is a simple update of what I’m currently focused on in my life right now._ ### current stuff… Finishing up a busy semester of teaching too many classes at both [Lansing Community College](https://www.lcc.edu) and [Michigan State University](https://comartsci.msu.edu). I think I took on too much this semester and am happy it is winding down soon. I’m writing/rewriting a 3D class while teaching it, desperately trying to stay ahead of the students as I learn the [Adobe Substance suite](https://www.adobe.com/creativecloud/3d-ar.html). We are heading into Substance Painter soon and final projects. Fortunately, my other classes are more developed and established, so they are easier to handle. Participating in a work group to revise and rewrite the state standards for the instructional program classification that my [Career Prep Center course](https://www.eatonresa.org/downloads/career__tech_ed/digital_media_19-20.pdf) falls under. We are migrating to a competency-based curriculum with external certifications. Trying to organize a fall Advisory Board meeting for my Career Prep Center course. It is surprisingly difficult to get a bunch of industry volunteers together in one place to talk shop. Participating in an ongoing professional development program from the Assessment Learning Institute to study the importance of assessment in the learning process. Formative assessment kicks ass! Seriously trying to destress my overloaded mind. I’ve started using the [Calm app](https://www.calm.com) for guided meditations. Also streaming chill music through [SomaFM](https://somafm.com) and [DI.FM](https://www.di.fm). I’ve started trying to stretch my sore, tense body again with limited results so far. Waiting expectantly for the final notification that my astronomical student loans have officially been removed thanks to the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program. Currently in forbearance as the paperwork is being processed. Should be receiving my official letter by Christmas. Trying to find more time to spend with my family, but failing miserably since most of my waking hours are spent teaching, grading, or working on prep. Dealing with the guilt this causes. ### upcoming stuff i’m preparing for… Creating new ebooks for revisions to the foundation Design and Communication course taught at Lansing Community College. The course covers design principles and elements. I want to create a cross-referenced wiki similar to my website, although will probably be dedicated webpages instead. Writing/rewriting the second 3D course for spring. New Adobe software means new tools to learn and resources to build. Exciting, but daunting project. Continuing the ongoing work with the state standards revisions and the assessment professional development. Preparing students to compete in four regional SkillsUSA competitions. My school is hosting regionals this year, so I’ll be coordinating the competitions. Since my student won the state Advertising Design competition last year, I also get to coordinate the state competition this year. In attempt to get healthier, I’ve signed up for an exercise and flexibility class during spring semester. Looking forward to taking physical breaks from the mental work. --- **updated November 15, 2023**